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Falling down the slippery fibre slope

Spinning Class

I took a class yesterday (Comprehensive Spinning) led by Shiori, of our Eastside Spinners’ Guild.  Although I heard about all the techniques from the class I took from Judith MacKenzie, today’s class with three instructors was very helpful in helping me understand and retain what I got from Judith.

I finally understand true worsted spinning!  By the end of class, I was able to spin true worsted, semi-worsted, semi-woolen, and woolen.  I also know the difference between a true English long-draw and an attenuated long-draw.

Here is my bobbin filled with class exercises.

An unexpected bonus at the end of class: Shiori put a mountain of stuff in the middle of the room and invited the students to take it all home.  We were very happy to relieve her of unwanted fibre!

Before heading home, I made a stop at the home of another weaver who sold me thirty-one cones and twenty-six skeins of yarn (the skeins include sixteen blue cotton novelty/bouclé and five cream cotton novelty).  Most of the cones are either silk, wool, mohair, or cotton.  Fifty dollars.

The huge light blue cone is two pounds of silk.  A mammoth moving box of all the cones is sitting in my house entryway.  I have no idea where I’m going to put it.

Someone once told me that we attract what we think about.  I’m going to suspend thoughts of “fibre” and start thinking “larger house“.

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