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First Weavings, Baby Steps

This morning, I sat down to weave for the first time.   This was really fun for me because I didn’t have to do any warping preparation.  For seasoned weavers out there, this post will be tedious, but if you make it to the end of the post, I welcome any comments to help me improve!

You can definitely tell where the original weaving left off (at the 7″ mark) and I began.  It seemed so easy watching Betty Linn Davenport do it in her RH Loom video, but even following her tips for creating a clean, even selvedge, mine were still messy.   Then there was the matter of getting used to the beater.  The word “beater” is a bit misleading, because I didn’t have to beat at all, and even the gentle “beating” I’ve done is obviously too heavy-handed.  The picture may not be be the best, but the weft yarns definitely slants down on the edge nearest the tape measure.

I decided to re-tie the ends to help improve the weave.

The original tie-up in three bunches.

First bunch has been untied and re-tied.  Second bunch shown untied.  I like Betty Linn Davenport’s way of tying up with a bow; it was a pain undoing the knots used before.

Here are the three original tie-ups separated and re-tied into six.

The new tie-ups helped straighten the left side somewhat; I obviously have other problems to sort out, and I need to practise beating more gently.

What a pleasant start to my day!  I can’t wait to finish this practise piece and start my own project.  I thought I would use Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton to weave dishcloths as a first project.

On another note, I actually did some knitting today — first time in three months!  My son was invited to an ice-cream party to celebrate today’s being the last day of public school.  So, with all the children entertaining each other (and the other mothers knowing my eccentricities well by now), I got in some quality knit time.

I started this sock early this year, and this is still the first of the pair.  The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.  (I purchased it with a 50%-off coupon from Joann’s.)

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