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Mystery Of The Lost Socks

Losing one sock is a common lament at our household, but I have no idea how I’ve come to misplace a hand-knit pair I’ve never worn!

My first pair of socks was finished more than two years ago, using the pattern was from Silver’s Sock Class tutorial.  Still unused, they were socked away (har har) somewhere safe, waiting to be photographed and shown off here.  I want to wear my new socks, and I hope posting this will help me find them!

It has been many months since losing my first socks, so I finally started knitting a second pair (I’m not counting the two singles I frogged).  The two-at-a-time pair of socks I’m working on (using a single, long circular needle) use the basic pattern from the book, “Sensational Knitted Socks”:


Both skeins of yarn are from the same dye lot, but isn’t it interesting that there’s a difference between the colour progression on the socks?  The skein on the left has much sharper colour changes, while the one on the right shows a lot more blending between colours.  I’m guessing that even if they may have been dyed at the same time, there were variables, such as acidity and temperature, that affected how the dyes struck (adhere to) the wool.

I’ve read that in general, green dyes strike at the lowest temperatures, followed closely by blues.  Yellows, then reds require the hottest temperatures. Perhaps one of the skeins was slightly cooler than the other when the dyes were applied.

My snail’s pace of finishing any knitting doesn’t keep me from dreaming of future socks.   The next ones I want to try are two-at-a-time, toe-up socks.  The best reason for knitting up from the toes is so you can use up all available yarn for more length up the leg.  (That really appeals to my frugal sensibilities.)  Following that, perhaps extreme, two-in-one socks.  At my current rate, that fourth pair should be ready to show off around the year 2014.  Stay tuned.


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First Weavings, Baby Steps

This morning, I sat down to weave for the first time.   This was really fun for me because I didn’t have to do any warping preparation.  For seasoned weavers out there, this post will be tedious, but if you make it to the end of the post, I welcome any comments to help me improve!

You can definitely tell where the original weaving left off (at the 7″ mark) and I began.  It seemed so easy watching Betty Linn Davenport do it in her RH Loom video, but even following her tips for creating a clean, even selvedge, mine were still messy.   Then there was the matter of getting used to the beater.  The word “beater” is a bit misleading, because I didn’t have to beat at all, and even the gentle “beating” I’ve done is obviously too heavy-handed.  The picture may not be be the best, but the weft yarns definitely slants down on the edge nearest the tape measure.

I decided to re-tie the ends to help improve the weave.

The original tie-up in three bunches.

First bunch has been untied and re-tied.  Second bunch shown untied.  I like Betty Linn Davenport’s way of tying up with a bow; it was a pain undoing the knots used before.

Here are the three original tie-ups separated and re-tied into six.

The new tie-ups helped straighten the left side somewhat; I obviously have other problems to sort out, and I need to practise beating more gently.

What a pleasant start to my day!  I can’t wait to finish this practise piece and start my own project.  I thought I would use Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton to weave dishcloths as a first project.

On another note, I actually did some knitting today — first time in three months!  My son was invited to an ice-cream party to celebrate today’s being the last day of public school.  So, with all the children entertaining each other (and the other mothers knowing my eccentricities well by now), I got in some quality knit time.

I started this sock early this year, and this is still the first of the pair.  The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.  (I purchased it with a 50%-off coupon from Joann’s.)

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