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Falling down the slippery fibre slope


DH: Dear Husband

DS: Dear Son

Beauty: 45″, eight-shaft, ten-treddle Bergman loom, no. 92A (June 2008)

ETA: Edited To Add

FO: Finished Object

Frog, frogging: to “frog” a knitted item is to unravel it.

Full: In terms of finishing yarn, this means to felt slightly.  This allows fibres to relax, open up, and creates a loftier yarn.

Gil: 25″ Rasmussen table loom, attached to treddle legs (August 2008)

Hedy: 20″ Schacht rigid heddle loom (June 2008)

Whack: A yarn-finishing technique; just what it sounds like.  I whack my yarn on the rungs of a tall step ladder.  A great replacement for therapy.

WIP: Work In Progress

WPI: Wraps Per Inch, the number of times a yarn wraps completely over a one-inch measure

Wuzz: To swing a skein of yarn above your head as a way to remove water via centrifugal force



  1. I just found your blog and I really enjoyed reading about your fiber adventures. I agree that once fiber gets you the adventure has just begun! I am a weaver (on a Maycomber 8 shaft) but I am still exploring weaving. I work full time and can’t weave as much as I would like.
    I love your glossary but I have one addition. I think you should add:
    Wuzzy: How you feel after spinning around wuzzing the water out of yarn!
    Vicki Allen

    Comment by Vicki Allen | 18 May 2011 | Reply

  2. Have come across your blog today and have found it fasinating and very helpful to a realitively new weaver and spinner. I haven’t read all of the info but have found some of your personal experiences to be quite helpful. Thanks so much

    Comment by elouise hager | 7 September 2013 | Reply

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