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Homemade Magnetic Knitting Chart Keeper

Here’s my inexpensive, lightweight, and portable magnetic chart keeper that won’t break the bank if it’s lost, or you need more than one!


I purchased the washi tapes (Japanese patterned masking tapes) at Daiso, but I’ve seen them at many different craft stores as well.

The magnetic backing is galvanised flashing, which I purchased at my local hardware store. The smaller sheet, which fits a quart-sized ziplock plastic bag, was only 55 cents. The larger flashing (fits a gallon ziplock) was less than a dollar. The large one also fits into a standard plastic page protector.

I taped all of the very sharp edges for safety!


The magnetic strips (also found at craft stores) came in a roll, have adhesive on one side, and are easily to cut to size. Cover them with more washi tape (or ribbon) for prettiness to enjoy!


5 February 2016 Posted by | Knitting | , , , | 2 Comments