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Timely Mitts

Have I mentioned that I once started a pair of socks (two-at-a-time) on circulars, put them away and lost them for a while — then after searching found two exact same sets of these socks worked in the exact same pattern, and also the exact same yarn? Until I found the second pair, I had no recollection of having begun them! They are still unfinished, and both pairs lost again. I’m a bit worried that if I look for them again, I may find a third set! Or, perhaps unfinished projects that hibernate long enough begin to procreate!

After the double set of sock incident, I’ve taken to knitting only one project at a time. And so, I have been knitting Tropfen (Ravelry link) since February, but have only made it almost halfway through the main part of the pattern.

I’m still pretty faithful to my Tropfen scarf, but knitting lace weight on size 3 needles (I made a false start, knitting about a foot in size 0s before switching), but I really needed the encouragement and gratification of finishing something fast. Enter the Rock Strata Mitts (Ravelry link).



Using some of my recently-finished handspun yarn, and even at my very slow speed of knitting, it has taken me only four days for me to complete these!



It feels fantastic to finish something, and I’m psyched up to continue on with Tropfen.


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