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Beauty Is In The House

Out of the blue, DH announced this morning he would help me bring my Bergman loom indoors, even if he had to hold my hand every step of he way.  Was I appropriately grateful and adoring?  Sorry, I was not. I think I snarled at him (the first time, anyway).  I have been overwhelmed with helplessness in the matter of clearing out a space, because this is what I had to face:

This room is so frightening that I could never bring myself to do anything about it, and so it has been in a spiraling nosedive beyond control.

But, my husband is a saint, and an expert donkey handler to boot. So, I spent the day cleaning, throwing away, and looking for new hiding places for things.  DH miraculously whisked away some large items I couldn’t figure where to put, and miraculously found some other places for them.  Once I knew I wasn’t alone, it became easy, and the cleaning was very liberating.  I still have lots of things to sort through, and a huge mountain of spinning fodder to stash (it’s piled in the living room at present), but I feel so enabled to take on the next steps.  Here is the “after” picture:

When everything is opened up, the bench abuts a landslide of boxes and stuff, but it will be something I’ll have to get to another time.  Not the model home yet, but at least I can start playing around with the treddle tie-ups and start spinning the cording needed for it.  (Yes, I know that if I were very good, I would do more cleaning up first rather than playing, but remember who is the saint in the family.)

With all the looms I have (I’ll share in another post), Beauty is my favourite, and the one I’m most anxious to start weaving on. I have to find some wood restoring oil (any suggestions would be appreciated!) and touch up some worn spots, but at least that no longer feels like a difficulty.  I feel so delightfully unburdened; I’m so happy I could fly.


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