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Huck Scarf On The Structo Loom

For the past school year, I wove huck scarves as teacher-appreciation gifts. I truly thought I had posted about these scarves long ago, but I couldn’t find any evidence of that. I find it a bit alarming that I accepted as fact something I must have dreamed up. How much of what I believe to be true came from a dream? Is this a symptom of being too busy?!

From my stash of sock yarns, I found some Salvia superwash merino that had been dyed in the skein.

Since the dyers had not re-wound the skein, it was easy to determine the length of yarn for a colour repeat.

Taking advantage of that colour repeat, I wound a warp in a continuous circle to preserve the dye patterning for a “faux ikat” warp.

I used all eight shafts of my little Structo loom for this huck pattern.

The brown weft at the beginning didn’t appeal to me, plus the scarf was too long to wear comfortably.

So, I cut off the beginning for a sample.

The only drawback to this pattern is that it leaves long warp floats on the two selvedges.

The wool is superwash, so I was surprised that the scarves did shrink a little. They were very fast to weave on the Structo; with its solid, all-steel construction, the loom is an amazing performer with impressively smooth and precise tensioning.

64 ends, sleyed 2 per dent on a 6-dent reed
5.33″ on-loom width
Finished dimensions 4.5″ x 74″ + 10″ twisted fringe (one scarf plus sample),
or two scarves, each about 44″ long + 7″ twisted fringe
4-block huck, #672, Carol Strickler’s Weaver’s Book Of 8-Shaft Patterns


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  1. very cool….love them

    Comment by Julie Beer | 17 September 2012 | Reply

  2. good morning Lizzi, your scarves are beautyful .I just by a Nilus spinning wheel by Leclerc, just wondering if a can use bobin,s from other make of wheel ,if so let me know please excuse my spelling,i betther in french..tank you so very much ..Germaine

    Comment by F & G Legault | 18 September 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Germaine,

      Thanks for stopping by! Usually, the bobbins from a spinning wheel are unique to that brand, but sometimes you can use bobbins with different wheels made by the same manufacturer. For instance: I have 2 different Louet spinning wheels, but they use different bobbins. However, the bobbins of one of my Louet wheels, the Victoria also fits another Louet wheel, the Julia.

      Comment by SpinningLizzy | 18 September 2012 | Reply

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