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Summer Spinning

It’s summer, but I managed to become sick sick sick with pneumonia, which is why I’ve been absent from things.  Until recently, I couldn’t even sit in front of a computer screen for more than a few minutes without getting dizzy.  But, I’m finally better, and have been able to spin again.  I’ll probably get back into the weaving by next week; it requires more energy.

Some grey wool mill ends that were dyed purple, and spun worsted:


Burgundy, pink, and grey wool top, spun worsted:


Lavender, green, and blue superwash merino batt, spun woolen/attenuated long-draw:


Wool and cotton top containing lots of cotton pills, spun woolen/attenuated long-draw for a slubby, bouclé-like effect:


My spinning preference is overwhelmingly long-draw, but I force myself to spin worsted for the practise, and because the resulting yarn is much shinier, cooler, and drapes better.  I’m much faster at spinning long-draw than worsted, but I find I don’t need to look as much while spinning worsted, and can do something else (like watch television or read a book) at the same time.  All the pictures in this post show spun singles.  Everything will be two-plied, and used for weaving.


1 July 2009 - Posted by | Spinning


  1. Oh my gosh! Pneumonia?!? I hope you are feeling better! I love your new yarn 🙂

    Comment by spacestitch | 1 July 2009 | Reply

  2. Beautiful spinning! Love the colours. And the uncoloured wool & cotton.

    Glad you survived the pneumonia, I know it takes a while to get back to full health after that, so hope it goes well.

    Comment by Dot | 2 July 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh dear! Be good to yourself and take it slow. Your yarns look lovely, and also lovely together. Do you have a particular project in mind?

    Comment by trapunto | 8 July 2009 | Reply

  4. So pleased that you are up and about again. I have been busy weaving and spinning but only just returned to blogging, I couldn’t make myself sit down and concentrate, and i was having a problem uploading images. I hope I’ve fixed it. I am going through all your posts as a resource for anything on spinning and dying. Thank you so much for being such a great recorder of your experiences

    Comment by deborahbee | 8 August 2009 | Reply

  5. They are really lovely. i’m trying to figure out which I prefer the most but I’m really drawing a blank, they are so nice.

    Can i ask what sort of spinning wheel you use because they are tiny wee bobbins (spot who doesn’t have a lace flyer).

    Comment by Spydergryphon | 5 February 2010 | Reply

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