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Congratulations, It’s Twins!

There hasn’t  been any room for more looms around here for quite some time; that would stop a normal person, but apparently not me.  At least, I can blame Terri for getting me involved with these two, eight-shaft Structo Artcraft looms:


The black Structo loom will be stored until I can find time clean it up and possibly repaint it. 


The loom has a maximum weaving width of eight inches, and is very compact with approximate measurements of  of 15″x9.5″x13″, LxWxH (width is up to 15″ if you include the levers).   Both looms came with 15-dent reeds.  The grey Structo came with four shafts and spools for “sectional” warping; I was able to upgrade it with a second castle with four more shafts and a Dick Blick reed (8-dent, I think).



I removed the spools from the back beam, and used my hacksaw to cut two rods, which I attached to the front and back beams with grosgrain ribbons.


It’s so easy and quick to dress a small loom!


The warp is some old orange and brown acrylic that had been given to me.  I used some green chenille, doubled, as weft.


A few minutes of scrounging in the garage for a scrap of lumber and nails produced a serviceable raddle which I attached with some mini spring clamps.



The lease sticks are drinking straws, and I cut the points off some bamboo skewers for sticks to pack the warp.


One drawback to the loom is, it’s not quiet!  There’s a fair amount of clacking, clanking sounds associated with steel shafts rising and falling.  Also, being solid steel, one needs to be careful not to stub one’s toes or knees on this loom; the loom doesn’t give.  Ask me how I know this. 


I’m using an eight-shaft basketweave pattern, and was able to weave in the front passenger seat of the car.  When crossing the floating bridge from Bellevue to Seattle this weekend, I wondered if I’m the first to do so while weaving on an eight-shaft loom?


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  1. Eight shafts! What a score. Eight shaft table looms at a doable price are rarer than hens teeth. I bet you *are* the first person to cross that bridge weaving on one! The sectional warping sounds fun to try out.

    Comment by trapunto | 13 May 2009 | Reply

  2. Have you seen the beautiful book by” Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes” she did small overshot samples using a Structo loom. I have bought the book because it is so beautifully produced \9 and there is a picture of a letter to bertha from Mary M Attwater briefly mentioning my gt gt aunt !!!!!!This comment comes rather late but I’ve only recently read it with this historical connection

    Comment by deborahbee | 8 August 2009 | Reply

  3. Impressive.
    Not really an indepth comment but getting them working and haveing the confidence to is really impressive. I’d be far to scared in case I broke it to even touch it besides to clean it up and oil the approperate parts.

    Comment by Spydergryphon | 6 February 2010 | Reply

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