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Have Loom, Will Travel

Warner Lord sent me another photograph of the Bergman Suitcase Loom.


He took the loom with him on a vacation to Maine in 2007.  Now that’s my idea of a fun holiday!


4 March 2009 - Posted by | Weaving


  1. so do you have some of these diamond wood shuttles then? i’m bidding on my second on ebay just now, the last available from the current source. it is a lovely shuttle. i won’t be able to _find_ pirns to fit it, i’ll probably have to make them.

    as it goes, i did google diamond wood shuttle and there was lots of adverts from it to do with chinese companies selling it. i must say, it doesn’t look like hi-tech MDF to me, it looks like real wood. interesting.

    Comment by humblebumble | 7 March 2009 | Reply

  2. humblebumble,

    Your blog is such fun to read, and hilarious! I can’t wait to see your 100 scarves project warped and woven!

    I don’t have anything made of diamond wood, but from what I understand, it’s nothing like MDF, horrible stuff. Diamond wood looks just like wood, but its manufacturing process makes it stronger. I have some small, highly-detailed sculptures that came from the Orient that I can’t tell the difference from stone, but it’s actually pulverised rock mixed with something (plastic? resin?), and can be poured into moulds while liquified. So you get something very intricate that looks like it was carved, but is also very inexpensive.

    When I started weaving (way back in the old days of June 2008), I bought weaving accessories right and left, thinking I scored bargains. Some of those were steel-tipped end-feed-shuttles from eBay… They were relics of textile mills, and made for fly shuttles. I recently showed some of the lightest ones to Syne Mitchell, but even those are much heavier than the EFS that handweavers use today.

    I checked the eBay listing you mentioned — and it is heavy! When I found out that my large loom had very nice sheds, I purchased an old, used AVL EFS; it weighs 9.75 ounces WITH partially-loaded pirn installed. The only way I could use it was with a shuttle race on my loom. (It’s a wonderful shuttle, BTW.)

    Since you already have the one diamondwood shuttle, perhaps you can file off the sharp points and toss it back and forth through a few sheds to see if you like the feel of it? Or, save it for when you buy a loom with a fly shuttle! The nice thing about these old shuttles is that they’re relatively inexpensive. Still, if I had saved the money I spent on those shuttles, I could have splurged on one or two fancy new boat shuttles (still not enough to afford a new EFS!), which I would do in a heartbeat if I had the choice!

    Comment by SpinningLizzy | 8 March 2009 | Reply

  3. aha, but i do have a fly shuttle. is a wonderfully fast way of working.

    i actually have to put new padding on the hammers cos it’s making an awful racket.

    it’s never gonna happen

    Comment by humblebumble | 8 March 2009 | Reply

  4. Hello there! I have been revelling around the the internet with our new fast internet! Whee! That’s me twirling gypsy skirts and finally being able to load Spinninglizzy’s pictures.

    Comment by trapunto | 23 March 2009 | Reply

  5. I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw this in your neck of the woods.


    Comment by Terri | 24 March 2009 | Reply

  6. Terri, you’re a dangerous friend! I have you to blame, I mean thank, for two (!) Structo looms already. The reason why I won’t pick up this loom is because I already have a 24″ Bermgan — just haven’t had time to use/blog about it yet. I might have to go take a look, though…

    Comment by SpinningLizzy | 24 March 2009 | Reply

  7. Just think, if you bought the 24″ Bergman you could have twins! Looking forward to seeing your new Structo acquisitions!!! I hope to have mine cleaned up and a warp on it this week. Well maybe that’s a little ambitious.

    Comment by Terri | 25 March 2009 | Reply

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