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Ruffled Scarf

The rambouillet/cashmere ruffle scarf is finished!


The neatness of using up the last little bit of things is inordinately pleasing to me; in this case, not even a single inch of yarn is left over.  The pattern had called for a mohair yarn that was 235 yards in 24 grammes, but my yarn came out to something like 350 yards in two ounces.  (I can’t find my notes on the exact numbers.)  The scarf is a tad short, but it is just enough to wrap and overlap once around my neck.


The pattern was “Mohair Portrait Scarf”, from Véronik Avery’s book, “Knitting Classic Style”.  It’s a wonderful way to learn the difference between right- and left-slanting decreases, as well as an easy introduction to lace knitting.  In fact, I’m going to try the pattern again.  I’ve already spun a two-ply rambouillet/alpaca mix for it that promises to be a more successful yarn for this project:


Winding off the singles onto bobbins:


The singles are so delicate that I couldn’t measure the yardage with my yarn measure.  But, this old skein-winder (two-yards per revolution) performed admirably:


Two-ply (pre-wash) closeup:


350-yards of two-ply yarn in one ounce:


I also spent a couple hours hand-carding up another two ounces of rolags:


I’m envisioning the second scarf as a fluffy, light-as-air, cloud; and can’t wait to see how it turns out.



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  1. What lovely yarn, and what a fairylike scarf it is turning into. I like the shot of your fiber corner. All those wooden tools look like a gathering of friendly pets.

    Comment by trapunto | 26 November 2008 | Reply

  2. So *this* is what you’ve been up to, eh? Well done! Jane

    Comment by Jane | 1 December 2008 | Reply

  3. What pretty knitting. Is that your work space? You have a wonderful range of spinny/weavy/knitty things. I wish I could pop over and get some spinning instruction. I know what to do but need more physical practice.Your previous post is interesting too. How many looms do you own!!!?

    Comment by deborahbee | 1 December 2008 | Reply

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